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Earth Song Jewelry Fathers Day Gift With Meaning Handmade Jewelry
Published: June 02, 2023, Updated: January 25, 2024


With Father’s Day just around the corner, I thought it might be helpful to put together a quick guide to the kinds of natural stone jewelry gifts that your father is likely to love.

Fathers often don’t get enough attention or acknowledgement of the very real work they do to help raise children. Our dads have an important role in childhood, and in the lives of their teenage and adult children. Too often we focus entirely on mothers, forgetting that fathers do incredible work as well.

Not to mention that de-emphasizing the role of fathers puts even more pressure on mothers, because we don’t talk about the need for father’s to show up in the same way.

In an ideal world, Father’s Day would be as important as Mother’s Day, and for much the same reason. Creating a buying guide to help support Fathers isn’t a lot, but it's something I can do to acknowledge the incredible support Fathers bring to the world.

So, without further ado, here are some natural stone jewelry options you can give your dad this Father’s Day!

Handmade Natural Stone Jewelry Father’s Day Gifts

All of my handmade jewelry uses natural stones. That means that the individual stones in the jewelry can vary quite a bit in color and pattern, though the shape and size will always be the same.

I choose product photos based off of representative stones for each design. So you should expect your jewelry to look very similar to the product photo, but I cannot guarantee that any jewelry made with natural stones will be identical.

To be honest, though, I think that those variations are more of an advantage than a disadvantage, because the variations in stones mean that every piece of Earth Song Jewelry craftsmanship is unique.

Here are some of the meaningful handmade jewelry gifts you should consider this Father’s Day!

Black Moonstone Bracelet

Larvikite, more commonly known as Black Moonstone, is a fantastic present for fashion forward dads. The stones are unusual looking, with a lot of almost opalescent colors, accented by the silver bar and black leather used in this bracelet.

These bracelets are beautiful, highly varied, and perfect for both casual wear and formal occasions. If your father already wears bracelets, or is looking for something to pair with his watch in daily wear, my Black Moonstone bracelet is a fantastic option.

Like my other bracelets, these bracelets have an adjustable clasp to help keep them comfortable, and making it easier to get a comfortable fit from standard bracelet sizes.

Larvikite is also a protective stone, thought to help dispel negative energy, encourage wisdom and careful decision making, and just generally protect the wearer. So if your father engages in metaphysical practices, this bracelet isn’t just a great fashion statement and a meaningful gift, it’s also a protective one.

Tiger Eye and Copper Leather Bracelet

Another option, perfect for men who like a little more flash in their accessories, is my Tiger Eye and Copper bracelet. Made with a similar design to my Black Moonstone bracelet, this bracelet features Copper instead of silver, and Tiger Eye stones instead of Larvikite.

Tiger Eye is a symbol of strength and masculinity. So, even though these stones are a bit brighter and more colorful than many of the stones typically worn by men, they’re still a fantastic gift option.

Additionally, in Chakra practice, Tiger Eye is a fantastic stone to support your Sacral Chakra. So if your Father is Hindu and wears Sacral Chakra jewelry, this can also be a great personalized present for them.

Aromatherapy Rainbow Chakra Bracelet

My Aromatherapy Rainbow Chakra Bracelet option is a great choice for fathers who are looking for accessories that have multiple meanings and uses. The combination of rainbow stones and lava rock is designed to hold scents well, and for supporting all seven Chakra. The colors also make this a good bracelet for LGBTQ and ally dads since they can wear the bracelet as the symbol of support.

This bracelet is a little more specific than some of my other jewelry for men, but that makes it an even better bracelet for the father’s who do appreciate its unique design and uses.

Strength Morse Code Bracelet

Lastly, I wanted to include one of my Morse code bracelets in this guide. These bracelets use two stones, usually Onyx and another, in this case Tiger Eye, to spell out a specific word or message.

This bracelet uses Tiger Eye to spell out Strength in Morse Code. It’s a perfect gift for fathers who value strength and resilience in their daily lives.

Bonus - A Leather Bracelet For Dad!

Handmade Leather Infinity Knot Bracelets

One of the best options, especially if your dad isn’t really much of a jewelry person, or isn’t looking for a flashy piece of jewelry, are my handmade Greek Leather Infinity Knot Bracelets. I have two versions of this bracelet, one made with brown leather, and one made with black leather.

The Greek leather used in these bracelets is high-quality, highly durable, and designed to last. These bracelets can be a great symbol of the connections you have with your father, and by extension, your whole family.

The bracelets are also unisex. So, while they are suitable for men, making them a good Father’s Day gift, you can wear one as well, regardless of your gender. You and any siblings can also wear these bracelets as symbols of your family ties.

The Infinity Knot is a symbol of equilibrium, balance, and eternity. So these bracelets are also great presents for fathers who are seeking balance and peace in their lives.

Bracelets are also a fantastic gift for men in general. One of the advantages of bracelets is that they are widely accepted, subtle, and can be taken off for any occasion where they aren’t appropriate.

The leather used in these bracelets is matte, subtle, but refined by the copper or silver accents included in the bracelet.

Custom Jewelry For Every Father

If you’re looking for something even more unique for Father’s Day, you can also order custom jewelry for any Dad in your life. Just make sure you order quickly, since all of my jewelry is made to order, and you want to make sure there is enough time for the jewelry to arrive!

The Father's Day Jewelry Gift Collection

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