The Wholesale Program

I offer Wholesale pricing for approved Retailer accounts!

Please feel free to browse the site without an account - but to see Wholesale pricing, you will need to create an approved Wholesale account.

Creating a Wholesale account

If you would like a Wholesale account, please contact me here.

You will need to provide your state's reseller sales license number to validate your reseller status as a retailer. I will eventually need a copy of your valid reseller sales license for my records.

In addition, I will need the name of your store and information about where you plan to sell my products (physical location(s) and/or your online sales channels such as your website or your social media channels).

Note that I do NOT approve anyone to re-sell my work on any Marketplace (e.g., Amazon, Etsy, eBay, Alibaba, etc., are not allowed).

Once I have your information, I will review and approve you as a Wholesale buyer and the wholesale discount will be applied to your purchases. I will also send you more detailed information about my Wholesale Program - including information on minimum order quantities, shipping, returns, product presentation/packaging, additional options I offer, etc.

Wholesale Payment

I accept a large variety of payment methods. Please contact me if you have any special payment requests. Regardless of your payment method (up front or later invoicing), all orders must be paid in full before I will ship them.

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