The Pendulum Collection

Earth Song Jewelry NY Fashion Week Pendulum Necklace & Earring Collection NYFW 2021 SS22

Pendulums are a beautiful natural shape, one that shows up in nature time and time again.
The rounded shapes of my Pendulum Collection show off the bright colors and many patterns found in each natural stone.

My Pendulum Jewelry perfectly balances the shape, color, and weight of natural stone jewelry. 

If you’re looking for an elegant but understated jewelry set. 

Want something that stands out without being too much for everyday wear. 

Or just feel called to the pendulum shape,

I’m confident that there is a stone and a coordinated Pendulum set here for you!

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Earth Song Jewelry handmade sterling silver Aquamarine Pendulum Earrings

Aquamarine Pendulums

Description Aquamarine makes a beautifully soothing earring with its varying blue hues, like a foggy morning sky in the mountains. Delicately accented with tiny Sterling Silver discs dangling from the...



My mission is to create handmade jewelry celebrating the shapes and colors found in the natural world using materials and practices that are eco-friendly, sustainable and ethical while giving back to protect our planet.

And, always using hypoallergenic, skin-safe materials so everyone can wear these miniature works of natural art regardless of allergies.


Are Handmade Pendulum Earrings & Necklaces Appropriate For Work?

Yes. All of my handmade pendulum earrings and necklaces are work-appropriate in most office, retail, and even service settings. The exception of course being workplaces that don’t allow jewelry at all, like some kitchens and jobs working with animals or heavy equipment.

My Pendulums handmade earrings and necklaces are even a great way to add some understated elegance to your look. They can help you look calm, professional, and put together. Especially if you buy a coordinated set to wear together.

Do Handmade Pendulum Earrings & Necklaces Need Any Special Care?

No. Like almost all of my natural stone jewelry, my Pendulums necklaces and earrings don’t require any special care. Like all jewelry, it’s important not to hit or tug on this jewelry, and I’d also advise against wearing this jewelry anywhere it might get wet. However, those limitations are common across all jewelry.

Are Your Handmade Pendulum Earrings & Necklaces Hypoallergenic?

Absolutely! All of my handmade natural stone jewelry is hypoallergenic and nickel-free. In fact, this issue is so important I have a whole article dedicated to Hypoallergenic And Nickel Free Information so you can learn more about why it’s important to buy hypoallergenic jewelry.

Are Your Handmade Pendulum Earrings & Necklaces Made In The USA?

They are! In fact, I make all of my handmade jewelry myself, including my natural stone Pendulum necklaces and earrings.

All of my jewelry is made in my Colorado Workshop, where I can make sure everything is put together well and do quality control checks on each and every piece I create.

Are Handmade Pendulum Earrings & Necklaces A Good Gift?

These handmade pendulum earrings and necklaces are a Fantastic Gift!


For one thing, this unique design is versatile, elegant, and works well in almost any situation and with most style choices as well.

For another, my handmade Pendulum earrings and necklaces are unique, both in design, and in because of the unique colors and patterns in each natural stone used to create them.

Just make sure to choose a stone or color the recipient is sure to love!

Are Handmade Pendulum Earrings & Necklaces In Fashion Right Now?

Yes! Originally created for Fashion Week, these earrings and necklaces are some of the most timeless and fashionable of my creations, and are sure to please even the pickiest recipient.

The pendulum design is both eye catching and delicate, which helps bridge the gap between a lot of different fashion choices and styles, while the brilliant colors and natural patterning of every piece of handmade pendulum jewelry stand out!

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