New York Fashion Week Collection

Featured Products ~ NY Fashion Week 2021

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The Pendulum Collection celebrates the essence of sustainable fashion. It is heavily inspired by the beauty of nature and looks perfect for all occasions.

This collection features an innovative necklace designed to complement Negris LeBrum's Spring/Summer 2022 The Love Story Collection ~ shown during NY Fashion Week.

These necklaces make a perfect gift for every woman. With a throw-back Lariat style, you can wear them with virtually any neckline. Just wrap the Italian sterling silver chain around your neck and hook it in the front at whatever length you want and allow your stone pendulum to swing!

The Collection is crafted using only the best quality materials – recycled Argentium® Sterling Silver, handmade artistic lariat hooks, Italian Sterling Silver chain and hand-picked earthy stones to create each pendulum. When paired with the matching earrings, these necklaces will add color and motion to your style ~ bringing nature, the outdoors and art with you wherever you go!

As a Green Business Leadership Partner, I donate 10% of your purchase to Conservation Colorado!


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