Interchangeable Necklace Bars

The Dangles Interchangeable Necklace Collection allows you to customize your look for any occasion.
These Interchangeable Necklace Bars are made using hand-formed, tarnish-resistant Argentium® Sterling Silver and can be easily hooked onto your Dangles Sterling Silver necklace chain.
Throwing on jeans for the day? Grab the Blue & White Necklace Bar.
Dressing it up for a night on the town? Go classic with glossy black Onyx!

Check back for future interchangeable Necklace Bars and new Dangles Necklace chain styles!

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Earth Song Jewelry - Fossil interchangeable handmade sterling silver necklace bar

Fossils Necklace Bar ~ Interchangeable

Description Wear stunning Crinoid Fossils around your neck! Crinoids are marine animals commonly called Sea Lillies. Crinoids have been around for over 300 million years - with about 600 species...
Earth Song Jewelry - Sodalite Interchangeable Sterling Silver Necklace Bar

Blue & White Necklace Bar ~ Interchangeable

Description The uniquely shaped oval Sodalite stone makes this an eye-catching necklace. The blue & white colors go with almost everything - from jeans to a brilliant white Spring sun-dress!...



My mission is to create handmade jewelry celebrating the shapes and colors found in the natural world using materials and practices that are eco-friendly, sustainable and ethical while giving back to protect our planet.

And, always using hypoallergenic, skin-safe materials so everyone can wear these miniature works of natural art regardless of allergies.


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