June Birthstone Jewelry

In our modern times, June is represented by Moonstone, Pearl and Alexandrite. Quite the different June birthstone jewelry options to choose from!
I've chosen to design my handmade June birthstone jewelry using the beautifully glowing Moonstone. 

While commonly thought of as white, Moonstone comes in a variety of colors. Take a Look!
You will find stunning Black Moonstone earrings with a flash of blue and iridescent Peach Moonstone earrings on curves of Sterling Silver
Or, for a unique look, I created a Lariat necklace that sways with a pendulum of Black Moonstones.
While I have handmade earrings and necklaces for women, my Black Moonstone Greek Leather bracelet is perfect for men or women!

What is the meaning of Moonstone, June's birthstone?

June's birthstones are said to represent faith, peace and luck. That's a great trinity of properties you get when wearing Moonstone jewelry!

What color is Moonstone?

While commonly thought of as white, Moonstones come in a range of colors. The beautiful Rainbow Moonstone, with its shimmering glow, makes a stunning June birthstone necklace. Peach Moonstone has a softly glowing pastel look - perfect for a pair of handmade Moonstone earrings. And there is "Black Moonstone" (Larvikite) with its flashes of silvery-blue, making it perfect for a men's Black Moonstone bracelet or pair of women's Moonstone earrings that will go with every outfit!

What handmade June birthstone jewelry styles do you make?

In addition to dangling, post and stud earrings, I have uniquely designed Moonstone hoop and pendulum earrings. In addition, I have created my specially designed Collection of interchangeable earrings and necklaces.

Does Sterling Silver handmade jewelry contain nickel?

No. Sterling Silver does not contain nickel - and nickel free jewelry is hypoallergenic. All of my 925 Sterling Silver handmade natural stone jewelry is hypoallergenic! To learn more about the topic, see my article on Hypoallergenic & Nickel Free Jewelry.

Is your June birthstone jewelry made in the USA?

Yes! I design and make all of my handmade artisan jewelry myself here in the mountains of Colorado, USA.

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