Opal Jewelry

Opals are a little different from other gemstones. While most stones are formed in the heat and pressure of the Earth’s mantel,
Opals are created when silica-rich water collects in hollows in the rock and then evaporates. The remaining silica turns into Opal!

Opals are October’s birthstone and a traditional present for your 14th wedding anniversary.

Opal jewelry for women comes in many colors and types, each as beautiful as the last.

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Is Opal In Style?

Opal is one of those stones that will never go out of style. Handmade Opal jewelry always looks good and is suitable for any occasion.

Is Opal A Birthstone?

Yes! Opal is one of October’s Birthstones, and there is some genuinely remarkable birthstone jewelry made with it.

Since Opals come in a wide range of colors, you even have a lot of selection to help match your birthstone jewelry gift to the recipient's taste!

Can I Shower While Wearing Opal Jewelry?

No. Opal is a stone formed by silicates deposited by water, which means it can and will dissolve when exposed to water.

You should always take off any Opal jewelry before taking a shower, washing dishes, or even walking around on a rainy day.

Is Opal Jewelry Good For Everyday Wear?

Yes, but with some caution. Opals are relatively delicate stones, so artisan Opal jewelry needs to be treated carefully if you want to keep it in good condition.

Don’t expose the jewelry to water, avoid any hard impacts on the Opal itself, and try to keep Opals away from other harder stones.

So, if you’re wearing Opals every day, it’s a good idea to have a travel jewelry case on you if you need to take them off quickly. But lots of people wear Opals all day with no problems.

Is Sterling Silver Jewelry Hypoallergenic And Nickel-Free?

Yes. All my handmade artisan jewelry is made with hypoallergenic and nickel free metals right here in the USA, including all of my Sterling Silver.

If you have a nickel allergy, it's important to ensure you’re only getting jewelry from artists and manufacturers who only use nickel free metals.

For more information about why all of my jewelry is nickel-free, take a look at my post Hypoallergenic And Nickel Free Informationabout it!

Does Opal Have Any Special Meanings?

Yes! Opal is a stone with a long history and use in jewelry of all kinds, including handmade stone jewelry like mine.

That history comes with more than a few stone meanings. Some of the most common special meanings for Opals are associated with Luck and Magic, and ancient Greeks even thought that Opal could give you a gift for prophecy!

Is Opal A Good Anniversary Gift?

Absolutely! Opals are among the most prized stones for jewelry, and they’re a wonderful gift for any Anniversary. Opals are also a traditional Anniversary gift for your 14th Anniversary.