Lever Back Earrings

Do you prefer Lever Back earrings? I can change any of these Dangling Earrings to be Sterling Silver Lever Back Earrings!

My Leverback earring is solid 925 Sterling Silver and closes completely to reduce the risk of losing an earring.
Simply add the earrings you want to your cart and also add the Sterling Silver Lever Back product to your cart. I'll know to upgrade your ear wires to Lever Backs.

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Earth Song Jewelry Sapphire & Emerald gemstone sterling silver earrings

Raw Beauty ~ Sapphires & Emeralds

Description Diamond-cut Sapphires & Emeralds sparkle and shine on these beautiful earrings. Raw and gorgeous, these small Emerald stones are perfectly faceted to throw plenty of sparkles! The sparkling Sapphires...
Earth Song Jewelry Handmade Peridot Stone Sterling Silver Earrings

Sparkling Peridot

Description Beautifully faceted Peridot stones twinkle and sparkle on these bright green earrings! Wear them to all the holiday and new year's parties - or gift them to spread the...
Earth Song Jewelry Handmade Sterling Silver Garnet Stone Earrings

Sparkling Garnets

Description Beautifully faceted Garnets twinkle and sparkle on these perfect red earrings. Wear them year-round - or save them for the holidays and Valentine's Day! Garnet's deep red color complements...
Earth Song Jewelry Handmade Emerald & Garnet Sterling Silver Earrings - Perfect for the holidays!

Winter & Spring

Description Beautifully faceted Emeralds & Garnets twinkle and sparkle on these earrings with the colors of winter and spring! Wine-red Garnet gemstones with their deep and lush hue are perfect...
Earth Song Jewelry Blue Flash Labradorite Sterling Silver Handmade Earrings

Labradorite Flashes

Description These iridescent Labradorite stones are named "Blue Flash Labradorite" for a reason - they have a striking glow to them. The small, micro-cut, faceted stones throw shimmers of blue...
Earth Song Jewelry ~ Red Raspberries ~ Ruby Earrings ~ Handmade Sterling Silver Earrings

Red Raspberries ~ Sparkling Rubies

Description Diamond-cut natural Rubies sparkle and shine from these earrings ~ reminding you of the bountiful harvest of plump red raspberries plucked straight off a bush during those berry-picking summers...
Earth Song Jewelry Sparkling Emerald Sterling Silver earrings

Emerald Sparkles

Description Beautifully faceted raw emeralds twinkle and sparkle. Accented with petite 925 Sterling Silver beads, these fresh green earrings remind you of summer grasses grown wild. Emeralds are May's birthstone,...
Earth Song Jewelry ~ faceted emeralds and sterling silver beads on hoop ~ handmade earrings

Emerald Loops

Description Wear a pair of these hoops for your everyday fashion. With faceted sparkling raw emeralds, accented with Sterling Silver beads on dangling hoops, these are a versatile modern style...
Earth Song Jewelry ~ Raw Emerald ~ Argentium Sterling Silver Handmade Earrings

Emerald Columns

Description Beautifully faceted raw emeralds accented with Sterling Silver tubes form a sleek column that twinkles & sparkles with your every move! Emeralds are May's birthstone, the stone for 20th...
Earth Song Jewelry Blue Diamond-Cut Sapphire Silver Earrings

Sparkling Sapphires

Description These Sapphire earrings sparkle with your every move. Stacked in three, the faceted stones catch the light from every angle. With a combination of classy twilight blue and an...
Earth Song Jewelry Porcelain Jasper Pendulum Sterling Silver Earrings Eco-Friendly Handmade In Colorado, USA

Porcelain Jasper Stacked Pendulums

Description Porcelain Jasper is a beautiful glossy stone named for its remarkable likeness to painted and fired porcelain. The stones come in a variety of colors and patterns - perfect...
Earth Song Jewelry Blue Lapis Lazuli Pendulum Sterling Silver Earrings - Eco-Friendly handmade in Colorado, USA

Lapis Lazuli Stacked Pendulums

Description Lapis Lazuli is a gemstone straight out of the Arabian Nights Tales - it's deep blue with inclusions that twinkle like the stars! The stack of Lapis stones is...
Earth Song Jewelry - Rhodochrosite Pendulum Sterling Silver Earrings Handmade for NY Fashion Week

Rhodochrosite Stacked Pendulums

Description A rare beauty, each uniquely marbled Rhodochrosite stone is a dance in various shades of pink - from very light to deep raspberry. Representing passion, these earrings come to...
Earth Song Jewelry Larvikite Sterling Silver Pendulum Earrings For NY Fashion Week

Iridescent Black Moonstone Stacked Pendulums

Description Iridescent Larvikite (aka Black Moonstone) dangles from your ears with these Pendulum earrings. Larvikite stones have a stunning glow to them. The base greys and blacks with shimmers of...
Earth Song Jewelry Amethyst Pendulum Earrings ~ Eco-Friendly handmade in Colorado, USA

Amethyst Stacked Pendulums

Description Strikingly banded Amethyst stones are stacked from large to small - accented with a tiny Sterling Silver disc hanging from the bottom of the pendulum. The purple of Amethyst...
Earth Song Jewelry Handmade Hammered Hearts Sterling Silver Earrings ~ Perfect for Valentine's Day, an Anniversary or Birthday!

Hammered Hearts

Description Wear you heart on your sleeve... or your ears. I hammered these hearts for a delicate textured look that reflects the light. These Sterling Silver Hearts are for the...



My mission is to create handmade jewelry celebrating the shapes and colors found in the natural world using materials and practices that are eco-friendly, sustainable and ethical while giving back to protect our planet.

And, always using hypoallergenic, skin-safe materials so everyone can wear these miniature works of natural art regardless of allergies.