The Colorado Collection

Living in Colorado, so much about this state inspires me and my art!
Not only that, but Colorado’s state mineral and state gemstone, Rhodochrosite and Aquamarine, are both too beautiful to resist.
So, I’ve put together this collection in honor of my home state and the beautiful gems and minerals found here.

Representing passion, Rhodochrosite comes to life in the light, reflecting each stone's uniquely deep pattern.
Aquamarine’s beautiful blues remind many of the ocean, but here in Colorado, they remind me of foggy mornings in the Mountains and the many blues of the Colorado sky.

Women’s jewelry made from Colorado's stunning state mineral or gem is a fantastic way to connect to this state. Colorado jewelry is also remarkable and beautiful even if you don’t have a Colorado connection.

Earth Song Jewelry Handmade eco-friendly carbon neutral jewelry
Earth Song Jewelry Handmade eco-friendly made with recycled materials
Earth Song Jewelry Handmade eco-friendly with sustainable materials and practices
Earth Song Jewelry Handmade eco-friendly always hypoallergenic and nickel free!

Do You Use Real Rhodochrosite And Aquamarine?

Yes. I make natural stone jewelry, and if I use a stone in my jewelry it is made from real stones. That includes Rhodochrosite, Aquamarine, and all of my other stone jewelry unless otherwise noted.

I do offer some Swarovski Crystal jewelry, but I make relatively little of that jewelry and primarily focus on creating natural stone jewelry.

Whenever possible, I also use stones and crystals exactly as they formed in the Earth. That means that I don’t use man-made crystals, heat treated crystals, or dyed stones. There are a few exceptions, but not in this Collection, and I am phasing out my designs with altered stones and crystals as my existing stock is used.

What Is Rhodochrosite Jewelry’s Symbolic Meaning?

Rhodochrosite has a lot of symbolic meanings and metaphysical properties. It’s thought to inspire passion. Rhodochrosite is also a stone symbolizing courage and fortitude, making it a fantastic stone for people who are trying to encourage resilience in their own lives.

Not to mention that these meanings make perfect sense as Colorado’s state mineral. The people who settled here were passionate, courageous, and showed immense fortitude in building the first settlements, seeking their fortunes in the gold and silver mines of the state, and creating a society here.

What Is Aquamarine Jewelry’s Symbolic Meaning?

Aquamarine has always been tightly tied to oceans and the sea, which might make it an interesting choice of state Gem for Colorado since we have a landlocked state. However, the other meanings of Aquamarine make a lot more sense for Colorado.

For one thing, Aquamarine is a protective stone. It used to be carried or worn by sailors and soldiers both, since it was thought to bring them luck and protect them from danger during their jobs. Mining and ranching, two of Colorado’s most important historical industries, might not be sailing or fighting, but they are still dangerous jobs worthy of protection.

Aquamarine is also thought to be a stone of friendship, helping bind people closer together.

Lastly, Aquamarine stones were connected to seeing the future or having better insight during the middle ages. If you’re looking for more insight, or to tap into inner wisdoms, Aquamarine might be a good stone for you!

Is Your Handmade Jewelry Made In The United States?

Yes. All of my natural stone jewelry is made here in the United States. Not only is it made in the USA, I also make all of my handmade jewelry myself. It’s not just handmade, but artisan crafted.

I am proud to be a Colorado artisan and small business owner.

Is Your Colorado Collection Jewelry Hypoallergenic?

Yes. All of my handmade natural stone jewelry, including my Colorado Collection jewelry is made with hypoallergenic and nickel free materials.

If you want to read more about why hypoallergenic and nickel free materials matter, check out my Hypoallergenic And Nickel Free Jewelry Information.

Why Do I See Other Kinds Of Jewelry In The Colorado Collection?

Any of my natural stone jewelry made with either Aquamarine or Rhodochrosite crystals is included in my Colorado Collection. So some of my Pride, Chakra, and Aromatherapy jewelry is included because it contains either the Colorado State Gem or Mineral.

Is Your Colorado Collection Jewelry Durable?

Yes. One of my goals for all of my natural stone jewelry is to create jewelry you can wear every single day you want to. That means using stones that hold up well with regular use, as well as metals and findings that are long-lasting and durable.