Uniquely Colorado

Living in Colorado, so much about this state inspires me and my art!
Not only that, but Colorado’s state mineral and state gemstone, Rhodochrosite and Aquamarine, are both too beautiful to resist.
So, I’ve put together this collection in honor of my home state and the beautiful gems and minerals found here.

Representing passion, Rhodochrosite comes to life in the light, reflecting each stone's uniquely deep pattern.
Aquamarine’s beautiful blues remind many of the ocean, but here in Colorado, they remind me of foggy mornings in the Mountains and the many blues of the Colorado sky.

Women’s jewelry made from Colorado's stunning state mineral or gem is a fantastic way to connect to this state. Colorado jewelry is also remarkable and beautiful even if you don’t have a Colorado connection.

Earth Song Jewelry Handmade eco-friendly carbon neutral jewelry
Earth Song Jewelry Handmade eco-friendly made with recycled materials
Earth Song Jewelry Handmade eco-friendly with sustainable materials and practices
Earth Song Jewelry Handmade eco-friendly always hypoallergenic and nickel free!

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