World Environment Day

World Environment Day

Celebrate World Environment Day with handmade artisan jewelry that invokes the artistic spirit of nature and the outdoors!

With #OnlyOneEarth, it's my goal to create sustainable handmade jewelry using materials such as recycled Sterling Silver. In addition, as a Green Leadership Business Partner, I donate 10%-15% of my proceeds to Conservation Colorado to protect our environment.

Explore my Colorado collection here.

Want help finding the perfect eco-friendly jewelry for yourself or a loved one? DM me, and I’ll be happy to help you find the perfect gift.


My jewelry journey began decades ago, when I wanted to wear jewelry that conveyed my passion for the artistic spirit of nature and the outdoors- so I learned to craft it myself!

I've honed my skills over the years. Five years ago, I decided to make my jewelry available to all who connect with the natural world... which I do through my website and in shops & galleries.

My love of nature led me to become a Conservation Colorado Green Business Leader Partner. To help protect our land, air and water, I donate 10% of my proceeds to Conservation Colorado.

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