Top 5 Reasons Birthstone Jewelry Is A Fantastic Gift

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One of the classic presents for any birthday is a piece of birthstone jewelry. Even men and boys can get in on the trend with a piece of masculine jewelry with their birthstone.

Parents might even choose to give each other presents made with their children’s birthstones, to help commemorate the occasion and their whole family.

But are birthstone jewelry gifts still a good present, or are they a classic that doesn’t have the same style and panache as they used to?

Here at Earth Song Jewelry, we still think that birthstone jewelry is a fantastic gift, and one that is sure to please at almost any occasion.

Here are 5 of the top reasons that birthstone jewelry is still a fantastic gift, and why natural stone birthstone jewelry might be even better than the alternatives.

Birthstones Naturally Feel Personal To The Recipient

One of the best things about birthstone jewelry is that each birthstone has a personal connection to the people born in its month. Especially when it comes to birthstones for the ‘forgotten’ months of December and January, whose birthdays often get mashed together with the holidays, a birthstone gift is a good way to acknowledge the occasion.

A birthstone jewelry gift, whether you choose to gift a ring, earrings, or a necklace, is a great way to tell your loved ones that they matter - and that their birthdays are still an important and separate occasion.

For many people, your birthstone is a deeply personal stone. It might even be the first gem you were ever gifted growing up. The metaphysical and symbolic connections of a birthstone can also have special importance for many people.

Take February’s Birthstone Amethyst, for instance. One of the symbolic meanings of Amethyst (among many) is spiritual purity. That can be a high ideal, but also a guiding star for people born in February.

Or consider Emeralds, May’s birthstone, which are thought to bring the wearer greater foresight and understanding. If you happened to be born in May you could wear Emeralds to encourage those traits in yourself, or even take the meaning of your birthstone as a sign that you should seek wisdom and listen to your own foresight in your life.

Every Birthstone Has Powerful Symbolic and Metaphysical Meaning

I’ve already talked a bit about some of the meanings behind birthstones in the previous section, but it’s worth emphasizing.

Not only do the stones chosen for birthstones have powerful metaphysical meanings, they are also some of the stones that have been most highly prized throughout human history.

Take Rubies for example. The bright red hue of a brilliant Ruby has long been prized not only for its intense red color, but also as one of the best gems to use in crown jewels.

Or Sapphires, which are chemically the same as Rubies, but come in a wide range of other colors. Blue Sapphires have always been prized. There’s a reason Princess Diana chose a Sapphire ring for her engagement ring.

These symbolic connections to royalty, or, in the case of Emeralds, to the Earth and living things, can be an important part of who we all are, and how we present ourselves to the world.

Add to those historical contexts and traditions the layers of metaphysical meaning and power, or the Chakra connections to each of these stones and gems, and you have a powerful tool for life in your hands.

Whether you believe in the natural powers and alignments of natural stone jewelry, or just like the symbolic connections and reminders of your goals, birthstone jewelry is some of the best jewelry to have in your collection.

If you’re looking for the metaphysical powers of a stone, choosing handmade jewelry can help make those manifestations that much more potent.

Birthstones Are Chosen From Some Of The Most Beautiful Stones, Crystals, And Gems

There are a lot of reasons that birthstones are the stones they are. One of the simplest and most understandable reasons is that these stones and crystals are some of the most beautiful stones of any color, and at any quality.

Think about the iridescent shimmer of Opals, the pure sky blue of Aquamarine or Blue Topaz, the rich blue and gold of Lapis Lazuli, the pale, vibrant green of Peridot. There is nothing that can really compare with the pure natural beauty of these stones.

Truly, natural stones and crystals are some of Mother Nature’s finest works of art, and humans have chosen to honor only the most beautiful of those stones by making them birthstones.

When you gift Birthstone Jewelry, you’re not just giving the recipient a beautiful and meaningful piece for their jewelry collection, you’re also giving them a piece of nature’s most beautiful creations.

Some People Think Wearing Your Birthstone Can Bring Good Luck

Wearing a birthstone for luck might be a little old-fashioned, but it’s a fun way to give yourself a little pick-me-up or a jolt of confidence when you need it.

This is because your birthstone is supposed to have a stronger effect for people born in that month. Birthstones can be a kind of talisman. Whether the boost is metaphysical or purely psychological, it can be a fantastic way to give yourself a leg up.

Picture wearing Birthstone jewelry to your next job interview, important work presentation, or when you’re about to take a social risk like singing at karaoke or asking someone out.

The jewelry might not guarantee success, but it can help you feel more confident and assured of the possibility of success. Just that added bit of confidence can help make it easier for you to put your best foot forward.

Birthstone Jewelry Is A Fantastic Fashion Accessory

Last, but certainly not least, birthstone jewelry is always in fashion. Between the incredible beauty of birthstones and the personal connections many of us feel to our birthstones, birthstone jewelry is a fantastic addition to any outfit.

Birthstone jewelry also comes in a wide range of fashions and styles.

That means that no matter what your personal style might be, there is birthstone jewelry out there that will suit your favorite look.

So why not play around with birthstone jewelry and different styles, just to see what happens?

Of course, if you’re shopping for someone else’s birthday, I have birthstone collections for all 12 months to make finding the perfect gift that much easier!