National Brother’s Day

National Brother’s Day
You love him, and you hate him – he can be your biggest nemesis when he teases you in front of your crush. Silly fights, and endless giggles, I am sure I can keep going on and on to define the sweet and sour bond of brotherhood.

This National Brother’s Day, celebrate the spirit of ‘bro-code’ with handmade artisan bracelets and show your brother you care. Designed and handmade by me, these bracelets are an impressive fusion of contemporary and trendy appeal.

Choose the best for him this Brother’s Day … a Black Moonstone Greek leather bracelet, a Tigereye Greek leather bracelet, an Infinity Knot Greek leather bracelet or a personalized Aromatherapy Chakra bracelet…

Find it all in my handmade artisan bracelet collection here.


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