Must-Have Tiger Eye Necklaces, Bracelets, And More!

Earth Song Jewelry handmade Tiger Eye Necklaces, Bracelets and more!

Tiger Eye stones are a natural winner when it comes to natural stone jewelry. There are a lot of reasons that Tiger Eye stones are so popular. Their eye-catching color and shifting colors and tones in the light make them one of the best stones to polish and show off their unique colors and shades.

Not to mention that Tiger Eye’s striking black and yellow makes it one of the most vibrantly colored natural stones out there. Plus, Blonde Tiger Eye is a perfect celebration of creamier honey yellows.

Naturally, I love both forms of this stone, which is part of why I make so many different designs with it. There are a lot of things to appreciate about handmade Tiger Eye jewelry, but it’s easiest if you look at the designs themselves.

Here is some of the must-have Tiger Eye jewelry you can get from Earth Song Jewelry.

Handmade Tiger Eye Jewelry To Level Up Your Collection

Like all of my jewelry, I make my Tiger Eye necklaces and bracelets myself, in my workshop in Colorado. That means that there are going to be small differences between the stones, which are all naturally occurring stones with unique patterns. However, the size and shape of all of my natural stones will be the same, as will the overall design.

With that little detail out of the way, let’s talk about my Tiger Eye jewelry designs.

Tiger Eye Necklace On Copper

Tiger Eye stones pair beautifully with copper, the bright gold and deep blacks and browns of the stones make the warm reddish hue of copper shine that much brighter. Of course, the copper returns the favor by making Tiger Eye stones look that much more vibrant at the same time.

I love pairing these two together because of the beautiful results. This Tiger Eye Necklace is all about celebrating those features, in an elegant combination that’s sure to draw the eye.

This necklace’s simple stone and chain combination shows off the best features of both materials, without any extra ornamentation. Perfect for formal and informal occasions, and even daily wear. Plus, like all of my Sterling Silver jewelry, I am careful to use only hypoallergenic and nickel-free copper in my Tiger Eye necklaces and earrings.

Handmade Tiger Eye Bracelet On Greek Leather

Moving to Tiger Eye bracelets, this design is a great unisex option that looks good on men and women both. The copper details help to highlight the bright color of the Tiger Eye stones, while the durable Greek leather offers both comfort and style for this simple bracelet.

As always, the natural stones are the real stars of the show, with the bright colors in natural Tiger Eye front and center in this Tiger Eye bracelet.

Like all my bracelets, this offering comes in a range of sizes to better fit the full possible range of wrists. However, since this bracelet has a relatively large centerpiece, it's worth noting that the smaller sizes will have one fewer Tiger Eye stone to help keep the bracelet balanced and comfortable.

‘Strength’ Morse Code Onyx And Tiger Eye Bracelet

The last of my Tiger Eye bracelets is a Morse Code bracelet, using Tiger Eye and Onyx. My standard design features the word ‘Strength’ written in Morse Code in the two stones, but that isn’t the only option you can select.

If you’re looking for a custom Morse Code bracelet, or even a style change to make it an anklet instead, you can send me your specific request through my Custom Jewelry page.

7 Chakra Stones Anklet (Tiger Eye And Blonde Tiger Eye Anklet)

Lastly, as part of a new Chakra-themed collection I’m launching at Earth Song Jewelry, I have a multi-stone Chakra anklet with one stone for each of the 7 Chakra.

Interestingly, Tiger Eye and Blonde Tiger Eye are both considered powerful stones for more than one Chakra! So I’ve included both traditional Tiger Eye and its lighter Blonde cousin in the first version of a Chakra anklet.

Keep an eye out here on Earth Song Jewelry for more Chakra jewelry, information, and blog posts in the coming months. I’m excited to explore and add more jewelry for this specific use, and to help people find handmade jewelry that is meaningful and empowering in their lives. Much more to come!