Most Popular Handmade Bracelet Designs

Earth Song Jewelry Most Popular Bracelet Designs for Men or Women

Bracelets can range from everyday jewelry that you always wear to jewelry reserved specifically for special occasions. Wearing bracelets is a little less common than earrings or necklaces, so they’re an excellent opportunity to bring something special into your wardrobe.

Whether you’re looking for natural stone jewelry, bracelets with a special hidden meaning, or something a little more symbolic, there are a lot of different kinds of bracelets to choose from.

But, if you’re looking for the most popular handmade bracelet design, you’re in the right place. Let's talk about what bracelets are popular right now, how to pair them with your outfit, and why each type is in style.

Leather Bracelets

Leather bracelets are a good option for anyone to wear. They’re naturally a little more understated and masculine than most stone bracelets, but that doesn’t mean women can’t rock them just as well.

The key to making leather bracelets work is the subtle details, the color of the leather, or the twist or braid added to it.

Even better, since certain braids and twists have specific meanings, you can use these bracelets to create a subtle reminder of your beliefs or values.

Take my Greek Leather Infinity bracelets as an example. Infinity knots have a lot of different meanings, from the cycles of life and nature to a special commemoration of commitment in a relationship or just a reminder of the infinite possibilities in life.

Leather bracelets are also a great symbol of strength and endurance, perfect for casual looks. Dress up with black leather instead of natural tones for a more formal look or to draw a little more attention to the bracelet.

Morse Code Bracelets

Speaking of bringing a special meaning into your bracelets, Morse Code bracelets are another great way to celebrate specific things in your life. Choosing the stone or Swarovski crystal colors for your message lets you customize each bracelet to suit your taste or outfit.

These bracelets are available in more feminine and masculine shapes, with colors and stones customizable to add more meaning beyond the morse code message.

Morse code bracelets are suitable for formal occasions, daily wear, and pretty much everything in between, depending on your taste and what colors you choose. Opt for natural stone jewelry versions for a more classic feel, or choose Swarovski crystals for a little more glitter.

Aromatherapy Bracelets

Bracelets don’t have to just be about looks, either. With a drop of your favorite perfume or essential oils, some natural stone jewelry can also be used for aromatherapy.

Natural stone jewelry made from porous stones like lava stones soaks in scented oils and holds the scent for hours or even days, making them great for a quick pick-me-up.

Yes, fashionable jewelry can be practical too!

Mix practicality with fashion with my chakra aromatherapy bracelet, perfect for boho looks, adding a pop of color, or even showing off a little. Match the scent with your mood or goals for the day, and you’re ready to go.

Special Meanings Bracelets

Bracelets are some of the only pieces of jewelry you can easily see while wearing them. Why not take advantage of that and add special meaning to your bracelets?

I know I’ve talked a lot about meanings and symbolism in this post, but honestly if your jewelry doesn’t have some special meaning for you, why are you wearing it?

We already build special meanings into rings, another visible type of jewelry, based on the stones, which finger we wear them on, and more. Why not bracelets too?

Handmade natural stone jewelry, in particular, can have a lot of meaning, from birthstone jewelry bracelets made with your favorite stone or bracelets that have specific symbolism, like wearing Tigereye for strength or putting peppermint oil on a lava bracelet to support productivity.

Whatever meanings are essential for you, you can build them into your wardrobe with natural stone jewelry.

So indulge your creativity, and see how much more jewelry can mean to you!


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