Why I Love January’s Garnet Birthstone (And You Should, Too!)

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Published: January 28, 2022, Updated: January 24, 2024


One of the most popular birthstones, Garnet is quite famous for its protective properties and has enjoyed rich folklore over the centuries.

All About January’s Garnet Birthstone

The name ‘Garnet’ is derived from the Medieval Latin word “granatus,” meaning ‘seed-like’ in reference to the seeds of the juicy red pomegranate. Historically, a pomegranate was often given as a gift of passion and associated with eternal love

Garnets have been revered as January’s birthstone since the 15th century. For centuries, Garnets have been viewed as a symbol of love, friendship and protection. In addition, Garnet’s wide range of colors makes it ideal for breathtaking jewelry, including earrings, pendants, necklaces, brooches, rings and more.

Although Garnet can be found in a rainbow of colors, the most desired color is its deep wine-red hue. Thus, the red-colored Garnet has become the de-facto January birthstone. Red Garnet is also sought out for special occasions such as weddings, anniversaries, the holidays and Valentine’s Day. Representing love and passion, deep-red Garnet jewelry is often given as a gift to celebrate these events. In fact, Garnet is used to celebrate 2nd wedding anniversaries!

Garnet is not only a favorite among the January babies - it’s also a highly desired stone due to its intense and gorgeous hues and vast array of colors…though deep-red Garnet is the clear winner of all the colors! Further, the stone’s metaphysical properties make it a top-pick for those who practice spirituality.

January’s Garnet Birthstone Over History

The use of Garnet dates back to biblical times. Legend has it that a large-sized Garnet adorned a pedestal in Noah’s Ark. Noah was said to have used the gem on the Ark as a source of light to sail safely through the night.

Over time and history, Garnet has always been known as the stone of love and friendship. The beautiful red gemstone is given to loved ones before travel to bring them safely home to you. In current times, Garnet is the perfect stone for Valentine’s Day - where its stunning red color and meaning of love make it an ideal gift.

One of the oldest known gemstones, Garnets in jewelry date as far back as 3800 BC when they were used to make necklaces for royalty and put in the tombs of the Egyptian pharaohs. The ancient Egyptians believed these gemstones brought protection in both life and the afterlife.

Garnets have been used as both ornamental jewelry and as protective talismans across the ages. The Russian Czarinas, Queen Victoria, and Mary Queen of Scots were all known for wearing Garnets due to the stone’s reputation to offer protection. Likewise, Roman warriors wore Garnet talismans as protection and to bring victory in battle.

In our modern times, many celebs love wearing Garnet jewelry, with Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, being one of today’s most famous Garnet wearers. Kate wears a Garnet & Pearl ring gifted to her by Prince William. Her Garnet ring symbolizes their close relationship - as Garnets are her January birthstone and Pearls are his June birthstone.

The Metaphysical Properties And Meanings of Garnet Stone

What’s so special about Garnets? Garnets have been worn to bring good luck through the centuries across civilizations. Considered a lucky and protective gemstone, Garnets are said to bring Zen-like feelings of hope and joy while driving away weariness and stimulating creativity.

Garnets symbolize a quick return to a separated love - they are often gifted to a loved one before they embark on travel.

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