Looking For Gorgeous December Birthday Jewelry?

Looking For Gorgeous December Birthday Jewelry?
Published: December 09, 2023, Updated: December 29, 2023

All too often people born in December find their birthdays getting mashed in with the holiday season. It can be hard to make a big deal out of December birthdays Many people who have a December birthday get used to their special day not being quite as big as other people’s.

But there is one big exception to that rule, and it even makes it easier to give the important December birthdays in your life a little more attention.

What is it that makes it easier to make December birthdays matter?


You see, December has a lot more classic and modern birthstones than a lot of other birth months.

December’s birthstones are almost all classic brilliant blue stones, which makes sense when you think about the color of deep snow, glaciers, and other large collections of frozen water.

If you’re looking for a fantastic December birthstone jewelry gift, there are a lot of different options out there. December birthstones include Lapis Lazuli, Tanzanite, Blue Topaz, and Turquoise.

Here at Earth Song Jewelry I primarily make December birthstone jewelry with Lapis Lazuli and Tanzanite. Both of these stones are incredible in their own different ways, making both of them a fantastic birthstone gift option for your favorite December baby.

The History and Lore of December’s Birthstones

Lapis Lazuli and Tanzanite are a study in contrasts, which is part of why I love including both of these stones in my December Birthstone collection.

Lapis Lazuli is a gorgeous deep royal blue stone, filled with tiny gold and silver specs, and sometimes whole veins of that gold and silver color.

Tanzanite on the other hand is a paler, more transparent blue, edging toward a Lavender color in some stones. Tanzanite can be a significantly darker color, sometimes also turning the dark Royal Blue color, or even an Indigo in larger pure stones.

But where Lapis Lazuli has a long and varied history with humans, Tanzanite is a much more recent discovery. Lapis Lazuli was a prized stone for the Ancient Egyptians, who used it in jewelry, frescos, and even as a cosmetic.

Tanzanite was first discovered in 1967, by a Masai man who happened across a surface deposit of large, blue, high clarity stones. Since that initial discovery, more than 20 claims in the nearby area have started producing Tanzanite. The stones range in color, size, and clarity, but all of them are gorgeous and have become prized for use in jewelry.

So far, Tanzanite has not been found outside that original region, which may mean that there was a unique geological process that happened there and only there, critical for their formation.

Lapis Lazuli on the other hand can be found in several different areas, including modern-day US, Canada, Chile, and Siberia. However, the oldest Lapis Lazuli sites, and the sites that still produce the highest quality Lapis Stones, are located in Afghanistan.

The Badakhshan province of Afghanistan is a forbidding desert environment, and a difficult place to survive. Ancient peoples only went into the desert for one reason, to bring home prized and valuable Lapis Lazuli.

When it comes to beautiful natural stones and natural stone jewelry, it really doesn’t get better, or more interesting, than these two very different brilliant Blue stones.

December Natural Stone Birthstone Jewelry

Looking to get something really special for that special someone in your life this year? Don’t worry. I can help!

Handmade natural stone jewelry is a fantastic birthday gift, especially when you can choose a meaningful stone or a design that is particularly perfect for the recipient.

Of course, not everyone who was born in December likes their birthstones. If you’re looking for a different stone, or a different color crystal for their birthday gift this year, I can help with that too. I’ve created entire collections to make it easier to shop for the perfect birthday gift. Choose from shopping by stone, or shopping by color, to get the best possible present for your loved ones this year.

Now, without further ado, let’s take a closer look at some of the amazing handmade December birthstone jewelry you can get right now.

And, as always, remember that all of my jewelry is made to order. So make sure to give yourself plenty of time between when you order for your gift to arrive.

Or, if you aren’t seeing anything you think the recipient will love, you can always contact me to make some custom jewelry.

Denim Lapis Curves Hoops

My Denim Lapis Lazuli curved hoops are made from a rare form of Lapis Lazuli, which is a few shades paler than the typical royal blue you see in other Lapis stones. These gorgeous stones really show off the patterning in each stone.

My Curves earring design is perfect for hoops lovers, but different enough to stand out from the other hoops earrings in even the most extensive jewelry collections.

If your loved one is someone who loves hoops or prefers paler Blue stones over dark Blue stones, these Denim Lapis Lazuli Curves Hoops are a fantastic gift.

Double Lapis Dangling Earrings

The next option in my December Birthstone Jewelry collection are my Doubles Lapis Dangling earrings.

These earrings are made with the classic deep Blue Lapis Lazuli, flecked with the silver and gold that is found in all natural Lapis Lazuli stones.

I make these earrings with two different sizes of Lapis Lazuli stones, giving the earrings a little more weight and helping attract just a little more attention, while still looking like a casual laid-back piece of jewelry.

Since there are only two stones on each year with these earrings, this is also a good natural stone jewelry earring set for people who have newly pierced ears, or who want a lighter pair of earrings for comfort.

Tanzanite Hearts Hoops

The only Tanzanite jewelry I have in my December Birthstone Jewelry collection, this option is another great choice for hoop earrings lovers. There are a lot of things to love about this set of earrings. The beautiful heart hoop shape really stands out next to other hoop earrings. The addition of gorgeous Blue-Violet Tanzanite stones on the bottom of these hoops really helps elevate the earrings to the next level.

I love the way these stones catch the light, including the way the stones shift color slightly in different light. That’s one of the best qualities of Tanzanite, especially in natural stones.

If you are interested in getting exciting new jewelry that looks beautiful and is made from one of the newest and rarest stones, then my Tanzanite Hearts Hoops are a fantastic choice.

Stacked Lapis Lazuli Dangling Earrings

This set is a fantastic gift for people who like longer dangling earrings and don’t mind a little more weight and length from the stones.

My Stacked Lapis Lazuli dangling earrings are made from three Lapis Lazuli stones, with Sterling Silver spacers to help draw a little more attention to the stones.

Really, if you’re looking for earrings made for Lapis Lazuli lovers, this is a great gift to get.

Lapis Lazuli Pendulums Earring and Necklace Set

Another option if you’re really looking to wow your gift recipient this year is this wonderful Lapis Lazuli Pendulums earring and Necklace set. There are few better gifts to get than a complete set of gorgeous jewelry made from beautiful high-quality stones that really stand out and shine.

Since this set has a lot of individual Lapis Lazuli stones in each piece of jewelry, it is a little heavier than most of my natural stone jewelry.

However, the tradeoff for that extra weight is that you get more stones. If you’re giving this jewelry to someone who loves rich blue colors, or Lapis Lazuli stones, this set really is the perfect gift.