How To Choose The Right Valentines Jewelry For Any Stage Of Your Relationship

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Valentine's day can be a lot of fun and a great way to celebrate your relationship, but it can also put a lot of pressure on you to find the perfect gift, make the right romantic gesture and do everything just right. The classic Valentine's Day gifts are chocolate, roses and jewelry. Choosing a meaningful jewelry gift can make your Valentine's Day shine!

But, a gift that seems too small might not go over well if your relationship is getting more serious. And, a gift that’s too large can cause just as many problems. Your partner might think you’re taking the relationship too seriously or rushing things if you choose an extravagant piece of jewelry without a good reason, especially if they aren’t big gift-givers themselves.

Being a jewelry artisan, I have a window into some of the best gifts for Valentine's day, and what kind of jewelry your partner might expect this Valentine’s season. 

So, why not get a jump on your Valentine's Day shopping with the help of this guide and some suggestions for the perfect gift!

And of course, you can always make the holiday extra special by choosing handmade jewelry instead of mass produced

Early In Your Relationship - Or Young Couples

Early romance is a wonderful thing, its all about being playful and exploring the world and different experiences together. For most couples, the early days aren’t all that serious. Your relationship is about seeing the potential, rather than truly building a life together.

The same is true for young adults and teens that are just starting to get into more serious relationships, but who aren’t looking to settle down just yet.

In either case, Valentine's presents, especially Valentine's jewelry, is a fantastic idea, but shouldn’t be too extravagant. This is a good stage to bring out heart-shaped pendants and earrings. Hearts have special meaning on Valentine's Day and are a great way to tell your partner that you care about them and that you’re enjoying the relationship, without rushing things or implying too serious a commitment too soon.

My Artistic Hearts Hoops are a good option, especially if your partner prefers silver jewelry or jewelry without gemstones. Or, add a little flash by getting the same Artistic Hearts with Rubies, the raspberry red of my favorite Rubies is a perfect nod to the season of love.

Getting More Serious - Established, But Not Yet Engaged

Once your relationship is more serious, but before you’re ready to get engaged, or at a similar point if you choose not to marry, it can be more difficult to choose Valentines gifts, and even Birthday gifts, for your partner. Choosing Valentines jewelry can add a lot of pressure, especially if you want to make sure you're sending the right signals for your phase in the relationship. 

In this phase, you want something tailored to your partner’s taste, but nothing too extravagant. After all, if you do decide to propose at some point in the future, you don’t want a previous Valentine’s jewelry to outshine the proposal.

Birthstone jewelry, especially earrings, and any jewelry in your partner’s favorite stone are good options for this phase in your relationship. Or you can choose based off their favorite color, or symbolism that seems especially important to them.

As an example, an astronomer, even just a hobbyist, might appreciate how much Black Moonstone looks like the night sky, or even a nebula, as seen through a telescope.

The more you can engage with your partner’s personality, interest, and favorites, the better your gift will be.

And of course, choosing handmade jewelry for Valentines gifts is a great way to make sure the present you're giving your partner isn't just a good choice for them, it's also a unique present so no one else has quite the same set of jewelry. After all, everything handmade is unique in how it's made and the small differences between stones, materials, and crafting process. 


Assuming you aren’t planning to propose on Valentine’s day, which offers its own kind of romance, gifting while engaged can be just as difficult as other times in your relationship.

Like earlier in your relationship, it’s important to keep your partner’s taste and preferences in mind, but your gift might want to keep your upcoming nuptials in mind.

Valentines jewelry that your partner can wear the day of your wedding, or that offers a special meaning shared between the two of you are both good options. Or, going completely the opposite direction, and choosing something that your partner can wear every day, or even giving them the gift of taking care of some of the wedding planning for them, can all be good options.

Don’t stress this present too much. If choosing the perfect gift is too much, try to choose a good one, and show your commitment in other ways, like making wedding planning easier, or being especially attentive on and around Valentine’s Day.

Your attention and time spent with you is probably one of the best gifts you can give during your engagement.

Newlyweds Or Couples Together For 3-5 Years

By now most people feel more relaxed in their relationship, comfortable, but still learning the little details about their partner, especially if you didn’t live together before, or haven’t lived together very long.

The good news is that gifting can be more casual at this point, but that the occasional bit of extravagance will seem all the more special.

Consider giving the same kinds of gifts you might on your wedding anniversary for Valentine’s Day, or even splitting a matched set of handmade jewelry between Valentine’s and your anniversary.

My Anniversary gifting collection lets you filter by the traditional stones exchanged for each anniversary, but it’s also just a beautiful collection of jewelry suitable for Anniversary and holiday gifting both.

Established Couples

Once you’ve been together for a long time, you probably know your partner’s tastes and jewelry collection well, so it’s time to start rounding out the collection, filling in gaps, or giving your partner a wider variety to choose from.

Coordinated sets of jewelry are a fantastic option, especially if you can find a set in a style and stone that your partner will appreciate. Think about what your partner is likely to wear more often, whether they need jewelry suitable for work, for wearing at home, or on nights out together.

You should also consider branching out, getting natural stone jewelry for your partner along with fine jewelry, or finding more unique handmade jewelry or antique pieces to match their taste. Little differences can provide a lot of variety in a jewelry box! 

Or, if you want something particularly special, consider getting custom artisan jewelry made just for your partner.

Hopefully this article has given you a better idea of the kinds of Valentine’s gifts that will be best for your partner this year!

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