Get Introduced to the New York Fashion Week Special - The Pendulum Collection

Earth Song Jewelry handmade eco-friendly sterling silver Pendulum necklace and earrings set
NY Fashion Week Earth Song Jewelry New Pendulum Necklace Earring Collection

New York Fashion Week 2021 is here! It is a time to discuss fashion in general. Be it clothes, jewelry or cosmetics – everyone is eager to know “what’s hot”. This post will introduce you to a new jewelry design – The Pendulum Collection – that celebrates the essence of sustainable fashion. The Pendulum Collection by Earth Song Jewelry was designed to complement Negris LeBrum's Spring/Summer 2021 “The Love Story Collection” shown during NY Fashion Week on September 11th, 2021.

The Pendulum Collection features earrings and necklaces with stunning gemstones that are beautifully stacked from large to small ~ then delicately accented with a sterling silver disc at the end of each pendulum. During New York Fashion Week – from September 7th through September 12th – Earth Song Jewelry is offering a special promotion of 20% off The Pendulum Collection with coupon code FASHIONWEEK2021.

Now, you may ask why it is being referred to as “hot jewelry”. Stay tuned to learn more.

5 Amazing Things You Will Want to Know About the Pendulum Collection

The Pendulum Collection was conceptualized and created by Cynthia Schmidt, who is inspired by the beauty of nature. This jewelry collection was specially designed for NY Fashion Week SS22. Cynthia says:

  • The jewelry is handmade by Cynthia using the best quality natural materials – recycled Argentum® sterling silver, handmade artistic lariat hooks, Italian sterling silver chain and handpicked earthy stones used to create each pendulum.
  • The necklaces feature a throw-back lariat style, which makes them ideal for any neckline. You can wrap the Italian sterling silver chain around your neck and hook it in the front at whatever length you want to allow the stone pendulum to swing.
  • The earrings dangle at the right length to gently sway with your movement.
  • This collection currently features Pendulum designs in a choice of five gemstones – Amethyst, Lapis Lazuli, Porcelain Jasper, Rhodochrosite and Iridescent Larvikite. Each of these gemstones is carefully chosen by Cynthia for their properties and reflect the beauty of nature.
  • All jewelry is hypoallergenic and nickel-free.

The Pendulum Collection combines the essence of nature, the outdoors and art – which makes it a unique choice for women who wish to express their love for nature and believe in the concept of sustainable fashion. As a Green Business Leadership Partner, Cynthia donates 10% of Earth Song Jewelry’s proceeds to Conservation Colorado.


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