Celebrate Earth Day with Nature-Inspired Jewelry at Earth Song Jewelry

Earth Song Jewelry handmade eco-friendly Azurite Sterling Silver necklace & earrings set
With Earth Day around the corner, I’m excited to honor Mother Nature for all the wondrous gifts she offers us. Among the many incredible gifts, natural stones, gem crystals and rare rocks are a wonderful reminder of how beautiful the world is around us.

So what better way to celebrate Earth Day than picking up a piece of handmade natural stone jewelry?

Yes! Celebrate this Earth Day with my nature-inspired handmade jewelry made using natural stones. I’ve rounded up a couple of pieces for you to choose from.


I strongly believe that Mother Nature must be cherished and protected. My jewelry designs convey my passion for the artistic spirit of Mother Nature and the outdoors. Check out my handmade Sterling Silver Azurite earrings that resemble a mini-Earth. 

Part of my Earth Day collection, these Azurite earrings are beautifully hand wrapped in a Sterling Silver Wire. I love how these mini-Earths hang from the ears! 


This one-of-a-kind Azurite stone necklace is a dance of nature. The rich blue and green tones contrast pleasingly well with the small silver accents that hold the stones.

This natural stone necklace captures the real essence of Mother Nature in fine patterns of green and blue, resembling a floating globe.

You’ll love how the cute silver accents hold these floating Earth globes.

At Earth Song Jewelry, I pride myself on building an ethical and sustainable handmade natural stone jewelry brand. My jewelry designs are environment-friendly, hypoallergenic and Nickel Free.

Ready to honor Earth Day with nature-inspired natural stone jewelry?

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