May’s Birthstone: The Enchanting Emerald

Emeralds Birthstone


The arrival of May brings the beautiful season of Spring, a new beginning. The lush green color of Emeralds make it the perfect color for Spring. From the poetic portrayal of Ireland as ‘the Emerald Isle’ to the enchanting green of the Emerald stone itself, May’s birthstone has captured the minds and hearts of mankind for ages.


The first known Emerald mines were located in Egypt, dating from 330 BC into the 1700s. From Inca emperors to Egyptian pharaohs, Emeralds have enchanted royalty for centuries. In fact, Cleopatra is said to have an eternal passion for Emeralds. She adorned her palace with Emeralds, gave them as gifts.


The Emerald is not only known as the birthstone for May, but it is also associated with success, happiness, and prosperous marriages. Indeed, Emeralds are gifted in celebration of the 55th wedding anniversary - symbolizing how precious and rare such a long and successful partnership can be.


May birthdays fall right in the heart of Spring, and Emeralds are the perfect gemstone to ring in the Spring. Spring represents life. From blooming bulbs to mesmerizing tulips, Spring oozes summer vibes! The color green announces the coming of Spring, new growth, and regeneration. And Emerald’s lush green color makes this birthstone the perfect symbolic gem for this time of the year.

Treat yourself or a loved one to handmade Emerald stone jewelry that captures the enthusiasm of this lively season!

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