Anniversary Jewelry Gift Guide By Year

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There are a lot of traditional options for anniversary gifts, but I’ve always thought that the best gifts are personalized and reflect something special about your life partner or your relationship together.

Exchanging gifts is more than just a tradition though, it’s also a fantastic way to show how much you care about your life partner. If you’re looking for something unique to celebrate everything that makes your relationship special, you’re in the right place.

Of course, getting something unique doesn’t mean you have to ignore tradition. A gift of personalized jewelry in the traditional stones of your wedding anniversary combines the best of both keeping to tradition and honoring your partner’s unique personality. 

Looking for anniversary gift ideas? This list of the best natural stone jewelry gifts, organized by anniversary year, will give you some inspiration for your next anniversary!

Anniversary Stones By Year

Natural stone jewelry is one of the best gifts you can give your partner for your anniversary. Since stone jewelry is always unique, choosing the right design, stone, and style of jewelry is one way to say you see and appreciate everything unique about your partner.

Let’s dive into some unique handmade jewelry anniversary gift ideas!


Gold might be the traditional gift for a first anniversary, but there’s no reason you can’t reach for something a little more unique by choosing a gold gemstone instead! Try natural stone jewelry with my Citrine or Peach Moonstone earrings to mark your first anniversary together with something both traditional and creative!


Garnets are January’s birthstone, but they’re also known for their rich red color or the rarer forest green variety. This stone is a wonderful choice for showing the ever deeper love between you and your partner.

Add a secret layer of meaning to your gift by selecting my ALWAYS morse code Garnet bracelet, or choose custom jewelry with your own special message.


Pearl jewelry is a beautiful classic, whether the Pearls are arranged in a necklace, a ring, or a bracelet. Consider getting a beautiful solitaire Pearl in your partner’s favorite color for this anniversary. Pearls are a traditional gift for both your 3rd and 30th anniversary, so you may want to get a jewelry set over time or increase the number of pearls in each gift.


Traditionally, Blue Topaz is the anniversary gift for your 4th anniversary, but any light blue gem can be a wonderful option.

Consider getting handmade artisan jewelry that reflects your partner’s personality and taste. That way, you can choose from a wider selection of light blue stones.

Stones such as Aquamarine (which symbolizes happiness and hope and is also the traditional gem for 19th anniversaries) or Kyanite (which symbolizes quiet strength and is believed to be a grounding stone) are unique options.

Any of these blue stones, and their symbolic meaning, would create a gift with special meaning for your relationship.


Sapphires are beautiful in all colors, but why not keep to the blue theme for this anniversary? The deeper hues of Blue Sapphire are perfect for formal occasions and even dressing up casual outfits, making them an incredibly versatile stone gift.

Better yet, Sapphires have been used in almost all jewelry styles, so you have many options!

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