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Natural stones are pieces of nature's art! Each stone has its own natural beauty from its colors, patterns and even its "imperfections".
Some people may want what they consider "perfect" gemstones - while I believe these so-called "imperfections" add stunning uniqueness to each and every stone.


Have Questions? I have Answers!


What inspires your jewelry designs?

The colors and shapes found in nature influence everything I create. I love the flows found in mountains, trees and rivers - my simple, clean designs reflect what I see here in the Colorado mountains. I just need to look out my windows to be inspired!


Do you use natural stones in your jewelry?

Yes! I choose my stones carefully. I work with suppliers I can trust to give me consistently great quality stones that are natural and untreated. I never use synthetic "stones" and I do not use man-made "stones".


Are your stones treated or natural stones?

I work hard to bring you untreated, natural stones. Various treatments are used to enhance or change the color of many, many stones. Some stones we are all familiar with are only the color we commonly see because they are standardly treated in some way.


For example, Citrine stones are seen as dark yellow to amber-ish colored stones. But... surprise!... those stones have all been heat-treated after being mined to bring out those colors. The Citrine stones I use look clear - but they have extremely pale yellow hues and every so often a darker yellow/amber/orange-ish color. My stones have not been heat-treated after mining because I want to use what nature has provided. Citrine will darken to those colors in the heat of the earth, which is why you see some color in my Citrine.


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