Earth Song Jewelry ~ Handmade Verdite And Black Agate Bracelet - The Perfect Gift For Dad!
Earth Song Jewelry ~ Handmade Verdite And Black Agate Bracelet - The Perfect Gift For Dad!
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Earth Song Jewelry ~ jewelry is presented in a gift box wrapped with a ribbon ~ ready to give as a gift!
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Verdite & Black Agate

• Steel
• Stone: Verdite, Agate (6mm, matte black)
• Lightweight Bangle Bracelet
• Hypoallergenic & Nickel Free
• Jewelry will be in a gift box wrapped with a ribbon!
• FREE Shipping

Verdite & Black Agate ~ Handmade Steel Verdite, Agate Natural Stone Bangle Bracelet for Women or Men

SKU: mbma0002

The combination of green-streaked Verdite and matte Black Agate makes this bracelet a beautifully unique piece. Verdite has veins of solid and translucent greens and browns crossing the buff natural color of the stone. The matte black Agate is a perfect contrast to the colors and makes this a masculine bracelet for day or night.

The stones are strung on an oval, strong, flexible "memory" wire. The width is 3" and the depth is 2.5". This type of wire is flexible and will fit a small to large man's wrist, or a large woman's wrist. The variation will be how far down the hand the bracelet will lay. If you have any questions about sizing, please contact me.

About The Stone
About Verdite and Agate

The green colors of Verdite are a result of chromium (that also gives emeralds their green color), though the stone can also have shades of yellow, blue-green and brown with spots or swirls. Inclusions of Rutile, Ruby, Sapphire, Quartz & Tourmaline have also been found in Verdite. Verdite is largely found in Zimbabwe, though the stone has also been found in other regions of South Africa.

Metaphysical Properties

Verdite is believed to boost reliability and honesty. Agate is a cooling stone and is believed to promote strength and healing - and to ensure a healthy life.


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