Celebrate June with Marvelous Moonstone: Lesser Known Facts About June’s Birthstone

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June is another rare month that claims more than one birthstone as its own. But Moonstone is the captivating and radiant June birthstone I adore the most.

When birthstones were standardized in 1912, it was decided June would have two birthstones: Moonstones and Pearls. Later, Alexandrite was added to the list. While Pearl and Alexandrite are both exquisite and have fascinating histories, Moonstone is a captivating symbol of maternity, life, and rebirth. This ephemeral gem is then delica tely used to create natural stone jewelry.

Moonstone - Moonbeams Made Solid

Ancient Romans believed that Moonstones were made by solidified moonbeams! That’s why Roman historian Pliny gave the stone its name. Moonstones were revered by the Romans and continue to fascinate us today.

Moonstones glow with a dancing, shimmering light. While white and translucent are common Moonstone colors, the stones can range across a spectrum - from white to peach to blue to gray. Regardless of color, all Moonstones have a beautiful iridescence that gives them life!

Moonstone - A Symbol of the Divine Feminine

Moonstone jewelry symbolizes love, passion, fertility, and the divine feminine. The link between Moonstone and the moon is apparent just by looking at the glowing, shimmery stone. Poets have written epics about the moon and its phases as a way of describing women and the role they play in life and death, growth and rebirth. Moonstone has these associations as well, making it a wonderful symbol for a mother or caregiver, someone who is always going out of their way to make sure others are cared for.

Similarly, Moonstone is often linked to the element of water for the way light dances across the face of the stone as sunlight dances across the face of the ocean.

Celebrate June with Moonstone

Birthstone jewelry makes a thoughtful gift for any occasion. Moonstone jewelry has personality because no two stones will look exactly the same, giving each piece a uniqueness that is difficult to replicate. My collection of June birthstone jewelry makes a great gift for someone whose uniqueness you want to celebrate.

Moonstone is the perfect gift to honor a mother or caregiver. That special woman in your life who takes care of everyone else deserves handmade artisan jewelry to show her how important she is.

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